The joy in our stars - Galaxy wood & resin wrist rest series

The joy in our stars - Galaxy wood & resin wrist rest series


Like many other countries, our home town in Vietnam is also greatly affected by the Covid-19 pandemic. Not only affects our economy, our physical well-being, but also our mental health. The constant lockdown waves of cities, travel restrictions have made us postpone our get-away plans. How I really miss trekking and camping sessions in the Northwest mountains of Vietnam with my friends; set up camp in the morning, gathered around a fire when the sun hit the horizon to barbecue, and at night, we had a sip of coffee, talked around, played board games and witnessed the beauty of the milky-way. 
So I came up with a way to put my desires into the artisan products. My idea was to create an wood resin mechanical keyboard wrist rest, with a river of galaxies flowing in the background of the mountains rows. The special thing is that this wrist rest must bring about the effect of the galactic river in a realistic 3D way.


It’s quite a complicated idea because in order to show the galaxy vividly, we have to create many layers of resin for the wrist rest. You know, a mechanical keyboard wrist rest is only about 20mm thick, and to create many layers for such a small area is really not so easy. After planning and estimating, we decide to follow 6 steps for production (you can watch our video here):
1. Create mold and foundation. In this stage I define the size of the mechanical keyboard wrist rest, and start with a background of deep black night sky.
2. After the first layer is harden, I continue for the second resin layer for the far white stars.
3. It’s repeated with the next layer. This time, I draw colored lines, spirals and add more effects.
4. I add one more layer of resin and add shaped burl wood to create mountains.
5. One more resin layer to fill up to the surface of the mold
6. Finally, I polish and refine it. It's important that in this stage, I have to ensure it matches the technical requirements of an ergonomic mechanical keyboard wrist rest; the appearance must be smooth, shinny, able to show the beauty of the galaxy or nebula underneath.
These processes are not only difficult, as they require many techniques, as well as experience in epoxy control, but are also very time-taking to manufacture. Normally, it takes 12-20 hours for an epoxy layer to completely dry, here we have 5 layers of epoxy, I think you can imagine how long they take. But after all, the mechanical keyboard wrist rest really met the requirements of the Setupaholic team and we are very happy to be able to launch the Galaxy Wrist Rest series.
For us, this is not just an ordinary product, it is also full of passion, sweat, creativity and above all, art. Thank you for supporting our artisan products!
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